Vivaldi – The Browser of Champions

If you haven’t heard about Vivaldi then you’ve been missing out on the most awesome thing to happen for web browsers in years.

Vivaldi on Ubuntu


Vivaldi is so amazing that it’s actually replaced chrome as my default browser across all my systems. I’ve become so used to the powerful features like tab stacks and mouse gestures that I can’t live without them.

A little background on Vivaldi: it was created by the former CEO of Opera and the first stable release v1.0 was put out in April of 2016. I have been using Vivaldi religiously since it previewed in November 2015 and every single update has made the browser better and better.

Vivaldi is built on the rock solid performance of the Chromium project with NodeJS under the hood for some extended functionality. As a consequence, all of your favorite Chrome .crx extensions will work right out of the box. It’s fast, fluid and looks amazing. As you cycle through tabs the entire browser UI color changes based on the current tab’s prominent color (e.g. facebook will highlight blue, youtube red, etc.)

Added bonus: a built-in dark theme that also changes all the interfaces and dialogs along with it.

If you’re interested in something fun and fresh I would highly recommend giving Vivaldi a shot.